Feb 15th 2014

Best Drift Cars for Beginners

Best Drift Cars for Beginners

Car enthusiasts want exciting and distinct vehicles, especially when they're drifting fans. This corner of the enthusiast world demands both visual and functional features from each vehicle. Who wants a boring car when floating through a killer corner? If you're a beginner, get familiar with the best drift cars for your dollar today. Picking just the right vehicle makes a difference in your success on the track.

Nissan 240SX

The 240SX was produced between 1994 and 1998. It became popular with just about every consumer and race-car enthusiast, which means you can readily find vehicles and parts for your personal upgrades.

The main feature that makes this vehicle perfect for drifting for beginners is the weight factor. Nissan's stock body and parts are lightweight, so you can get drifting on nearly your first try. Everyone wants to feel that rush without too much effort put in under the hood!

BMW 3-Series

If you're looking for drift cars under 10K, the BMW 3-Series doesn't seem like a viable option. Strangely enough, there are so many of these models around that they end up being cheap choices for beginners.

Try the E30, E36 or E46 varieties for drifting purposes. The engines have a solid output of around 300 bhp along with the mandatory rear-wheel drive. Their bodies are compact enough for an easy try at drifting for a beginner. Many of the top drifting enthusiasts covet these vehicles.

Nissan 350Z
The 350Z's compact body and powerful rear-wheel drive make it a great learning tool on the drifting circuit. They remain popular, which means you can find parts for them almost anywhere. In fact, SRZ Performance carries many different parts for this model. Remember that we're enthusiasts too!

We appreciate the gearbox's resilience on the road and the 350Z's overall look. You can't beat the allure of this dropped car entering a tight turn. It's simply magic.

Small Trucks
While truck enthusiasts often go for the heavy-duty vehicles, you should be casting your gaze to the more affordable small trucks. These vehicles become drift cars for under 5K. Look for small trucks with the fewest number of options. You want a lightweight stock body for your purposes.

The magic behind trucks is the rear-wheel drive matched with a featherweight back end. Drifting comes naturally for these vehicles without too much money leaving your wallet.

Mazda MX-5
Cheap beginner drift cars are defined by the MX-5 or Miata, which was first produced in 1989. These vehicles are so lightweight that you almost need to customize them to stay on the track in the first place!

This model has been produced and supported around the globe, so you have a good chance of finding parts for your project. Turbocharge your drift car after some practice with the stock engine. These vehicles were designed to fly down the road and cut into a corner.

Fox-Body Mustangs
One of the best drift cars for beginners has been around for the longest time. Look for Mustangs with the Fox body, which were produced between 1978 and 1994. This long production time gives you a better chance of finding a vehicle that can work for your racing needs.

Don't be surprised if you find most vehicles have some major dents and dings. Our team at SRZ Performance has seen everything from pristine models to cars that should have been junked years ago. It just depends on how much effort you want to put into the build.

Volvo 340
Find the ultimate in cheap drift cars with a hatchback Volvo 340. We know that these cars aren't the flashiest vehicles on the road, but they have the zip needed for those tight corners.

Remember that these vehicles aren't drift-ready models. Take some time to modify the basics, such as the suspension, so that you can be a successful driver right away. The confidence built with the Volvo will give you inspiration for future modifications.

Got a question? Contact SRZ Performance today. Our team is just as excited as you are about that car in your garage. Take it to the next level with performance parts and professional advice. The track is ready for its next record run.