Posted by SRZ Performance on Sep 13th 2019

Nissan 350Z Tuning

Nissan 350Z Mods Guide

How to go about making your Nissan 350Z better is subjective. To many, the Nissan 350Z stock is great. It rides well because of its responsive rear-wheel-drive configuration and sizeable V6 engine. To most in the tuner community, however, anything worth anything can always be improved, especially if you’re planning on drifting or taking it out on the track. Luckily, the Nissan 350Z tuning potential is pretty astronomical. If you’d like to start tuning up your 350Z but you’re not sure where to start, we’ve whipped up a modification guide, helpful especially for beginners.

Assess Your Goals

Any great project should have a favorable outcome. Before you begin your modification journey, it’s important to ask yourself what exactly you want to achieve. What’s your overall goal? It could be speed, power or a sleeker exterior and interior. It could even be all of these! However, if you’re embarking on an unfamiliar venture, it’s always best to start off with improving one key factor. If you tackle everything at once, you’ll likely become frustrated, not to mention rack up a mighty bill on all those parts. Not sure where exactly you can begin when it comes to mods for the Nissan 350Z? We’ve outlined some places you can start below!

Want more power?

Aftermarket brands have made it easy for you to add more power via different super- and turbocharger kits. The not-so-great news? This is probably one of the more expensive ventures to undertake.These kits force as much air as possible into the cylinders of your engine, also known as forced induction. Turbochargers will produce a greater power output and improve engine efficiency and gas efficiency too! Supercharger kits provide strengthened engines with better power and torque.

In addition to induction kits, full exhaust system and ECU swaps can also help, along with turbo conversions. There’s a lot more information to dive into when it comes to forced induction or even swapping out the entire engine, all at different price points, so do some research to determine what most aligns with your goals.

Want more speed?

If you’re after speed, the world of modifying is your oyster because you can change a number of things on the transmission to make a significant impact. If you’ve upped the power on your 350Z, then you’ll also want to upgrade its clutch. You can find complete clutch kits or individual clutch plates designed for heavy-duty street use. You can opt to make the car lighter in weight by completely removing parts or subbing them out for more lightweight counterparts. Adding a universal nitrous kit can also safely work for stock engines and make an obvious big impact.

Want smoother handling?

If there is one complaint most mumbled about, it’s that the 350Z has a not-so-great standard power output. If you have an older model, then the best thing to do is update its suspension. A fresh suspension kit can rapidly and noticeably transform the way your 350Z handles and responds. You can achieve different levels of suspension fine-tuning with a variety of mods, such as adjustable suspension arms, strut bars, shocks and more!

Want a custom exterior?

If you’re all about a custom look, then making some key mods to your 350Z’s exterior is the best way to get it. A great set of new wheels and tires can make a big impact. Luckily, you have motorsport-style wheels, wide track tires and sports performance tires to choose from. You can also opt to add rear lip spoilers, new headlights and taillights, bumpers, side skirts, fenders and more. Aftermarket brands also offer complete exterior kits ideal for the person who wants one big change.

Evaluate Your Budget

Once you’ve assessed your goals, it’s also important to set a budget. Costs can quickly add up, especially if you’re just starting out with tuning in general. While the overall amount of money that you’d like to spend depends solely on you, it is important to pace yourself and do some extensive research so you’re always getting the best deals on aftermarket parts. One of the great things about the 350Z is its tuning potential, so you’ll find a competitive offering of high-quality parts. Look for industry-leading aftermarket brands, free shipping options and new-member coupons or bulk discounts. Maximize your savings because, to be honest, you’ll still end up spending them to improve something else on your car.

Rely on Community

Because the 350Z has been around for quite some time, there are a whole bunch of people who can offer advice. Nowadays, forums, clubs, Facebook groups, informational sites and experts can all congregate online to share the Nissan 350Z tuning tips that worked for them. While healthy disagreement is normal, it’s always great to listen to opposing thoughts to determine the best course of action to take with your own 350Z, especially if you’re just starting out. Spend some time watching YouTube videos or browse Instagram to get major inspo.

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