Miata NB

Mazda MX5 NB Parts and Accessories

The Miata NB, Mazda's second generation MX-5, was manufactured between 1998-2005 as an improvement over the first generation Miata NA. Its light weight was maintained, as was the front engine rear-wheel-drive configuration, but power was increased and the suspension was stiffened.

This vehicle is ideal for drifting, and we offer a complete lineup of Miata NB performance parts broken down into logical subcategories like engine components, transmissions and drivetrains. Our aftermarket parts for Mazda MX-5 NB models include not only high-quality Mazda MX5 drift parts but also a selection of parts for Miata owners who aren't into drifting but love driving their MX5 Miatas on the road. These are superior-quality parts from top-name manufacturers like Centric, StopTech, Koyo, Mishimoto, Mahle, Cusco, DSS and more.